Welcome to HGI, an alternative energy company in Arusha, Tanzania. We’ve developed innovative techniques to convert discarded agri waste into low-cost fuel briquettes. For each tonne of charcoal briquettes sold, we displace an equivalent amount of regular lump wood charcoal and firewood. At the same time as providing a cheaper and longer-burning energy alternative, this creates jobs, recycles waste and reduces deforestation We also manufacture energy saving stoves for schools and institutions, ovens and water heaters that use our briquettes, delivering savings of over 70% compared with water heated electricity and 35% compared stoves ordinary firewood.


HGI was founded in 2016 to produce carbonized and uncarbonised briquette charcoal substitutes for charcoaland firewood on a commercially sustainable basis. Given that charcoal generally wholesales for less than $150 per tonne in developing countries, this was at one time thought impossible. HGI however, making use of low-priced raw materials, ample labour supply and a good measure of innovation, set out to produce fuels that could sell directly into traditional charcoal markets and compete head-to-head on price and quality. With daily sales peaking at over 10tonnes of briquette, this goal has been achieved!
A strong philosophical foundation influences business decisions at HGI . The company’s Directors are aware that they are pioneers of emerging technology that has led to the development of a new industry in East Africa with the capacity to protect diminishing natural resources, recycle large amounts of waste and provide inexpensive fuel to huge numbers of people.

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Reducing deforestation –Every ton of our briquette saves an average 25 tress.


Lower health risks- our briquette nearly smokeless, reducing the risk of respiratory illnesses due to indoor air pollution such as pneumonia, lung cancer, strokes, and heart disease.

Cost savings- Customers save an average of 35% compared to firewood and 50% compared to charcoal!