Customer Offering

Cooking and Baking

Mkaa Poa offers a healthy and clean cooking solution for institutions such as schools, hotels, hospitals and bakeries. It is nearly smokeless, which reduces health risks for the cooks and students, patients, or customers. One load of Kuni Safi lasts for up to 4 hours in an energy saving jiko, so it saves time for the cooks. It is also easier to handle, as it comes pre-packed in 40-kg or 50-kg sacks, so no time is wasted chopping firewood. Mkaa Poa has helped our school customers cut their firewood costs by an average of 35%! Hundreds of schools, hotels, and bakeries in Tanzania have already switched 100% to Mkaa Poa.

Hot Water Heating

Mkaa Poa works well in firewood or biomass hot water heaters. We supply hotels and schools with Mkaa Poa to use for their shower and bathing systems. Mkaa Poa burns for twice as long as firewood for similarly size pieces, so it is easier to maintain a consistent heat. Since Mkaa Poa provides more energy per kilogram, it is cost-effective for most institutions. We can assist you to assess the quantity of Mkaa Poa required for your hot water system per month and how to use it efficiently.

Steam and Electricity Generation

Mkaa Poa can replace firewood for industrial applications, including generation steam and/or electricity. In most cases, Mkaa Poa can be adopted immediately with no modifications to an existing firewood boiler. It is over twice as efficient as firewood, so most factories only need to buy half the quantity of Kuni Safi compared to firewood. Mkaa Poa is reliably available year-round at a stable price, with no shortages during rainy season. We can guarantee to meet the full needs for fuel for any industrial customer. Many leading consumer goods and tea factories in Tanzania have already switched to our briquettes!